Patented antimicrobial technology
with permanent effects

providing unalterable, odorless and full protection of the treated product.

Research tested
industry certified
internationally recognized

A team of researchers, academics and hospital clinicians are constantly working on the development of BioShield One applications

Permanent antimicrobial
technology specialists

The current SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic highlights the exceptional potential
of this technology.

our obsession

The fight against the proliferation, propagation and transmission,
particularly by hand, of many microorganisms

Our mission

Safety, hygiene and permanent protection for the end users

BioShield One
is the paramount solution

BioShield One is an innovative antimicrobial patented technology that uses pure treated silver microparticles.

It allows silver microparticles to be gripped directly and permanently into and out of the polymers.

There is no release of the treated silver particles.

Silver has been known for centuries for its antimicrobial properties and for its human innocuity.

BioShield One has enhanced these properties.

Broad antimicrobial spectrum, including bacterial strains multi-resistant to antibiotics as well as other germs, up to 99.9999%;
All the biocidal properties of silver are used: yeasts, viruses, fungi, etc.


Prevention and fight
against the scourge
of nosocomial infections:
Our ambition.

The University of Paris and its Research Department, which is also part of the Materials Institute of the University of Paris, has chosen BioShield One to work jointly on several projects in the field of development of medical devices, with the objective to fight and reduce nosocomial deseases.

Our joint Research team brings together biochemists, cell biologists, physiologists, microbiologists, physico-chemists and its different skills at both, fundamental and applied level in the study of cellular environment/cell interactions in the context of pathology, development innovative materials and biomaterials, industrial process or heritage preservation.
Its unit studies the interrelationships that are established between cells and their different environments (natural: extracellular matrix, biofilms, microenvironment, materials … or artificial: surfaces, synthetic materials, biomaterials …)


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